Vintage ’69 and ’73 Fender BandMaster Reverb Comparison

We compared the tone of two different vintage Fender Bandmaster Reverb amps through vintage cabs and speakers.  The 1969 is a 40 watt circuit played through a vintage 1968 large 2×12 cab with vintage 1968 dated Jensen Concert Virbranto speakers.  These speakers were the high end upgrades of the day (as often the original Oxford or Utah speakers blew up pretty quick).

The 1973 is a 45 watt circuit played through a circa 1979 (if the speakers are original) small 2×12 cab (NOS Fender grill cloth and new frame as the originals were disintegrating).  Upon actually removing and examining the speakers, they are not aluminum dust capped JBL120 speakers.  They are CTS (Chicago Telephone Supply) 12G54L square ceramic magnet speakers!  They are very heavy speakers and there doesn’t seem to be much info about them online.  If anyone has info on these, we would greatly appreciate it!

We used a Nikon S8100 camera, the sound quality is alright to hear the differences betwixt them.

The guitar is a 1999 Strat Plus American, with original Lace sensor golds in the neck and middle and a new Lace Sensor Burgundy in the bridge position.

Besides the random noodling, I’m playing a piece from the Band of Gypsys song “Who Knows”.  Hendrix is awesome!

LLamatone is all about the way tones sound, feel and move within ourselves; vintage or otherwise.

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’72 Fender Speaker Repair

As part of an Amp Relustre project I took on recently, I replaced the speaker in a heavily modified ’65 Princton Reverb.  The speaker in place was torn in a path near the rim for about 3 inches, which made a nice flubby sound; reminiscent of a hippo fart. See here:

From a little internet gleaning I determined the speaker to be a 1972 Utah speaker that likely was built for a high watt Fender back in the day.  Utah made speakers for Fender as did Jensen, Oxford and now Eminence.

A re-cone job for this speaker by a qualified repair expert would cost around $65 + shipping. Having just spent my resources on a set of Rio Grande Strat pickups (more on that soon), I decided to repair the tear myself with some paper tissue, glue and a little gumption.

How does this old fella sound now?

After the glue was dry, I installed it into my pine Fender-style cab, mic’ed it up and let it rip though my Pentone Ex1 with the 6005 Tube installed.  I chose a Strat to keep the Fender vibe going.  The Flubbing is gone and replaced by sweet thickness that oozes vintage from its papery cone of aged-ness.  I would not recommend this for high wattage situations, but through the majestic vibe of the 5 watt Pentone this vintage speaker is kicking it old school.

Have a listen…



What do you think?  Let me her your opinions.

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’55 Gretsch solid body in need of help!

StewMac is my favorite guitar / luthier shop.  They sell everything from guitar bodies to engraved tuners, glues to screws and custom tools for every situation a guitar builder or repair tech could ever need.  Plus they have interesting information and example videos as well.  Dan Erlewine is the guitar repair king!!

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